Michigan's First Legal Drag Racing Event
Enjoy this never before seen 8mm movie clip of Michigan’s first legal drag racing event held in the summer of 1953 organized by the newly formed Michigan Hot Rod Association.

This historic tire burner was conducted at Amrhein just off of Eckles in Livonia. The new at the time, Chevrolet Spring & Bumper plant provides the backdrop for these wild rodders to get their kicks. One of the cars that can be seen jamming through gears, is the legendary Frank Mack ’27. Anyone recognize any of the other cars? Let me know.

Jim Works emailed a real interesting account and background details about this event. He writes...

"Let me Identify myself. I am retired Livonia Police S/Sgt. Jim Work. I retired in 1993. I joined in 1966 and had the pleasure of working with a, now deceased, Lieutenant named Robert Baumgartner. He had joined the Livonia Police Department in 1951 and was concerned about Detroit city boys coming out to the "Sticks" and drag racing on rural roads.

Because General Motors had built a new factory, Chevrolet Spring & Bumper. There was a new straight concrete road, about 3/4 mile long, called Amrhein. It ran between Eckles Road and Levan Road. Baumgartner was successful in organizing un-santioned week-end drag racing with one stipulation; If you had received a traffic violation ticket, you were not allowed to race for a month! It worked and curbed the street racing drastically. Bob then was instrumental in interesting NHRA and MHRA to run santioned races at the same location."

Special thanks to Barber Bob Brown for providing this little gem.

Oh, and how about that Full Nelson tune?