Pat Brodericks's '39 Ford was purchased for $240 in 1954 with 29,000 miles and had been in storage since 1942. Apparently, the owner never returned from WWII (a sobering perspective). Pat went to work stuffing in a full-race flatty with 3-3/8” bore and 4” stroke (machine work was done by Leo Gonzales), aluminum finned 8.5 to 1 heads, three deuces on aluminum intake, Harmon-Collins headers and cut-outs, electric fuel pump, and Lincoln Zephyr gears. The interior was trimmed in white and blue vinyl. The exterior was left stock with the original Washington blue color. The car was featured in the 1956 Autorama when the show was at the Michigan State Fair Grounds.

Pat’s ‘56 Ford Fairlane 2-door was lowered with 14 inchers all the way around, Dodge Royal Lancer hubcaps, and Butyl rear meats. The power came from a ’57 Ford 312 Y-block with the special “E” Camshaft and “E” cylinder heads (design by Don “Sully” Sullivan), triple valve springs, dual 4-barrel Carter carbs, and exhaust cut-outs