Dave Gorden sent in these cool photos. He writes...

"Over coffee at Caribou one morning, I talked with John Stahura about hot rods. He's a local guy who remembers a lot of the local guys from back then. He showed me some photos he took in 1958 at the Stanton, Michigan Airport of a hot rod he said he thinks was owned by a local guy, Larry Carline. Thinks he was a model maker at the GM Tech Centre. He's been curious about what ever happened to Larry and/or the hot rod."

Let us know if you know anything about this car. Email: tomkuhr@thehotrodsofdearborn.com

Looks like a small block Chevy with a Paxton blower.

UPDATE: This car is now owned by the "Kruse Brothers" (see buttom photo). They are local guys that have been really active at car shows throughout the 80's and 90's and I have seen this car many times and never knew the history. - Tom Kuhr

This is an email from Larry Carline with a little history: The 27T was bought in the mid 50's near Windsor, Ontario for $35...it was a 2 door sedan. Before chopping I took a vertical section from behind the door lock pillar to just behind the rear window... about 2 feet...then brought the rear forward and did about a 4" chop. Added a Model A sun visor. Probably used less than a pound and a half of lead. I've always been curious if it held together as we did a lot of welding using old coat hangers. My folks sold it while I was overseas in the service and they were moving from Dearborn.