By Ralph "BUD" Williams

Dick was my best friend since 3rd grade at LindBerg grade school. I am sure that a lot of Dearborn Hot Rodders like; Dean McCann, Bob Larson, Freddie Trieber, Bob Kostin, Bob Ballard, Jerry Cooper, Mike Conboy, Ted Floro, Walt Knox and many others who's names escape me now but, I (can see them pictured in my mind) will remember Dick Moraniec and his contribution to the Dearborn rodding scene until his tragic death 25 years ago. Some of his Rod's consisted of a 48' Ford coupe lowered with 50' Plymouth grille, 32' Five window, and a 32' Roadster powered by a 55' Buick nail head. Dick also had a 48' Merc coupe (no photo available). I think Dean McCann would remember it because we borrowed one of his superchargers and ran it. It made us immediate blower believers!