Ralph "Bud" Williams' Hot Rods
By Ralph "BUD" Williams

This '47 Mercury coupe was my first car circa 1951. The flat block in this rod came out of Dean McCann's green '39 Ford 2dr sedan. Paid $100 for it. We gave it a valve job and dropped her in. Ran strong. Dean had plans to install a Rocket Olds in his 39' to replace the flat head. I remember the huge dual exhaust extensions that made that 39' sound so cool! Speaking of Dean, I also remember his super Wizzer and how he made his own twist grips to replace those lawnmower style thumb cables..."genius". I ended up selling the Merc in 1953 to attend college in Texas.

I owned this 47' chopped Ford coupe for a very short time. Dearborn Police stopped me and said I had to have more than 8 inches of windshield. I never did check the books to verify this ordinance claim. I ended up selling it. I was told it was an original Clark- Kaiser Chop & Shave job.

New Skirts on ‘55 Bel Air was my first brand New car. It had a 1955 power pack. Changes that I made right away was to shave the hood and deck lid, remove and lead in front and back emblems add a corvette cam and lifters and of course I had to have Jimmy Jones bubble skirts. The photo was taken by Jones in his driveway when I picked her up. I was on my way to a National Guard meeting that's why the uniform.