This site would certainly not be complete without covering the “Walt’s Puffer” enterprise. We are talking wild and wooly altereds…and one of the most famous ones in the world, Walt Knoch's "Walt's Puffer" Fiat. The Knoch's built the first Fiat in 1959, and it was the first A/A to hit 150 MPH, a world record, on Thanksgiving Day, 1959. The AMT Model car company came out with the Double Dragster kit that contained a miniature of the Walt's Puffer complete down to decals and numbers, A/A285. The Fiat received a chopped top in 1961, and continued to set NHRA National records on almost every run. Many cars and stories followed and you can read a more detailed account at the official “Walt’s Puffer” website at

Walt was kind enough to send some other photos for the HRD site and you can see them below including a real cool ’54 custom, wicked Model A Coupe with six deuces, very nice ’32 sedan, and the “Puffer III” rail.