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Turn-Key & Kits - Rat Rod / Hot Rod Roadsters
by NEHR Speedcraft

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Contact Tom Kuhr for more information. 313-802-3251

1928 Ford Model A 2-Door Sedan

  • Built 1969 Mustang Shelby 428 Cobra Jet
  • Custom paint 1967 Lincoln candy apple red
  • Lots of chrome
  • Traction lock 9 inch read end
  • All steek except front fenders
  • Asking $40,000

Contact Mark Hamilton for more information. 313-563-1892

1933 Ford 2-Door Sedan

Hey, here's a great start for a cool hot rod project. All steel. SBC engine. 9" Ford rear axle. Contact Bob Ainsworth for more information & price. 313-278-3684 or 313-320-6810.

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Rat Rod Lamps? Yep.

This is the first two works in a series called, Rat Rod Lamps. These are one-of-a-kind works of functional art that primarily utilize old car parts and other retro technology. The series is inspired by the recent resurgence in hot rod building and construction in the traditional manor, complete with patina rough edges and natural material aging. Old car parts provide a purposeful look and a wonderful legacy for use as art forms.

Contact Tom Kuhr for more information. 313-802-3251

Cool Hot Rod Paint Masking Graphics for Your Rod!

How did he do that logo? Well, it’s hand painted, but uses custom vinyl adhesive stencils (paint masks) for each color that allows you to spray or hand brush (for that hand-painted look) the paint. Where vinyl graphics would look out of place on a hot rod, the use of vinyl paint masks to apply paint opens many possibilities.

This technique is typically used in the aircraft industry. The vinyl has temporary adhesive that can be easily removed without leaving residue or lifting paint. Masks are created for each color and applied in stages.

Customized orders are welcome, contact Tom Kuhr for more information. 313-802-3251