Hotton & Sullivan Heads

Andy Hotton and Don 'Sully' Sullivan developed and brought these to market back in 1947! These were hi-compression aluminum cylinder heads for the Ford Flathead V-8 designed to increase power. Now, notice the promotional literature below that makes absolutely no appeal to hot rodders or speed enthusiasts at all…I wonder how many truckers bought a set for their truck verses how many hot rodders slapped a set on their souped up go jobs!

One other very interesting note…the very first AUTORAMA is often documented as happening in 1953 and being sponsored by the newly formed Michigan Hot Rod Association (MHRA). The little known truth is that there were two similar shows that were held in ’51 and ’52 sponsored by Hotton & Sullivan! I also found an add for the H & S Heads in the back pages of the second addition of Hot Rod magazine.

If you have a set let me know.